Doing well has always been the common thread of our actions.
To this end, Erbenobili has chosen to use the best raw materials in terms of quality and environmental sustainability which, combined with a high level of control over the production process and a strict verification of both incoming and outgoing products, guarantees consumers a result of high quality standards.

Our work, raw materials, the production chain, laboratory tests and quality control are all certified by recognized competent bodies.

We are certified:


European Union organic production certification

It guarantees the presence of organic raw materials and above all the absence of pesticides and herbicides.


Vegan Ok certification

It guarantees the absence of raw materials of animal origin.


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

Ensure compliance with safety regulations.


We are authorized by the Ministry of Health pursuant to decree 111/92 for the production and packaging of food supplements with added vitamins and/or minerals.