A spagyric product is a passion deeply committed with all the resources of a producer whose most ambitious goal is to reach "Total Quality"

An achievement of "quality" based on the physical, sensory and alchemical of a product, to divulge and to assimilate the new concept of "Noble Elements of plants", the most precious and essential added value in the difficult path towards excellence.

Expertise and passion are not enough, but to know the extraordinary physical process of Spagyric Art and knowing how to apply to the plants, allowing in bringing to light their incorruptible part, with exceptional energy that can awaken the various metabolic and physiological processes in our organism and by restoring the physical and energetic balance.

To do so Erbenobili relies on simple processes, natural, but able to donate that energy that only nature owns and manages to send via

the sun, the moon, the plants, the strength and the energy generated by electromagnetic fields that develops with the music in our cosmic greenhouse pyramid.

The results make it possible to detect nature, quality and efficiency factors of strength present in our products, revealing the matrix "morphogenetic" of a product. The results depend on the degree of integrity and naturalness of a substance, in close relation with the system of production, transformation and conditioning adopted for its entire production chain, with the aid of the solar and lunar rays, so that the biophysical aspect is preserved and enhanced and at the same time, creates analogy with the biochemical properties of an individual.

In this regard the company Erbenobili srl from Corato (Bari), received evaluations of absolute value affirming the excellent energetic quality of its products. The results are considered extremely interesting very technical and scientific, thanks to the high energy value and unquestionable sensory quality.

he grade of competence and awareness achieved demonstrates how a productive reality of excellence, which Erbenobili, can conquer even the ambitious goal of "total quality" in harmony with consumers health.