The vital center of the company, is our cosmic greenhouse pyramid, that is considered a real combination of energy able to donate and strengthen our active substances already normally found in herbal plants.

The result of Spagyric tradition, is our cosmic greenhouse pyramid represents the basis of our world and a milestone in the search for 'Total Quality'

Here the plants begin to "donate" through the process of maceration that lasts 40 days, to release their active ingredients.

The term "donate" is appropriate because the plant is not subjected to any stress extraction from extraction machines, we let out the plants active ingredients freely and safely, thanks to the energy and the power of the sun and moon that creates optimal conditions for a "natural" extraction . To this we added our love frequency music 528 of the DNA for 24 hours a day to ensure that our herbal plants acquire all the positive energy and to assimilate them in our herbal tincture.

The cosmic greenhouse pyramid is provided with a system of controlled temperature that allows a direct control and which is activated as soon as it exceeds 37° C, maintaining the temperature at about 36,8 - 37°C just like a normal body temperature . Here is where our glass demijohns containing the fresh plant with our mix solution containing ( Red wine and Spagyric alcohol) are resting on top of a sand, this sand has the memory of the river in which it holds our glass demijohns, as mentioned earlier, in conditions of controlled temperature and humidity, light (solar and lunar) and love frequency music 528 of the DNA for 24 hours a day. Thanks to these conditions in our glass demijohn it creates the so called "microcosmic circulation"

Only in a cosmic greenhouse pyramid you can have a mild delicate extraction, without stressing or damaging our spagyric tincture and its constituents which represents the real resource for mankind, unlike what may happen with other methods of extraction that uses "extraction machines" with elevated temperatures and to have their tincture ready in a couple of hours and then theirs other "extraction machines" that tries to simulate the natural forces of nature with cold and hot temperatures to cause a forced "Circulation" by extracting in 48 hours. We all know that mankind cannot imitate mother nature only she can give us a natural pure and delicate extraction to liberate all of its active vital principles naturally that takes 40 days to accomplish.

This sweet spagyric elixir obtained, is to enhance the traditional virtues of nature with its smell, taste, flavor, biochemical components of salts, trace elements, active principles and color will be able to "tinge"our souls of persons who needs it.

Only under these conditions a "Mother Tincture" may be considered a Spagyric Tincture. This is very similar to Electro-Spagyric.